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If you want more exposure for your book in form of a review for your book, then please fill out the contact form below. Note that by doing that, it doesn’t automatically mean I will accept your book due to various reasons (my time schedule might not allow it, my personal monthly ARC quota has been reached, the book has triggers that won’t allow me to enjoy the story etc.).

Besides posting reviews on my blog, I am also an active reviewer on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Since I get most of my ARC via NetGalley, I make sure all my reviews are posted timely. If you are a member there, and it makes it easier for you to give me the ARC there (since you’ll  know exactly when and where I post my review), then please send me the widget for your book.

I try to avoid reading historical and chick lit books and books that include cheating between the main characters. Other than that I do enjoy reading paranormal/fantasy/romance books, contemporary and YA, also books that are out of my comfort zone, such as horror/crime/… stories. I write honest reviews with honest book ratings and therefore I hope you can respect my opinion, even if I don’t give a high rating. Thank you.

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