Nothing Else But You by Elle Wright (Boston, MA) – ARC review


What appealed most about The Letter Club was the anonymity and complete absence of social media BS. Giovanni Di Caro lives with enough scrutiny and family drama, he didn’t need anymore, but he wanted someone he could talk to. Sure, his quad-mates in college are great, but there’s a part of him he wanted to share without worrying about being judged. What he didn’t expect was to fall for a woman whose letters became his anchor. Smart, funny, intuitive and sweet, somehow she understood him better than anyone else in his life. The problem? He doesn’t know her name or where she lives. But he will, because over the past few months she had become his girl, and now he’s ready to claim what’s his.

Expected publication: July 30th 2019 by Boroughs Publishing Group



my review

Nothing Else But YouNothing Else But You by Elle Wright (Boston, MA)
My rating: -3 of 5 stars

ARC received in exchange for and honest review.

When I saw the blurb I was really intrigued by the plot, since nowadays everything is so focused on social media and we forget more and more that just a couple of years ago we would still write letters and have a more personal connection to each other. I think that the author’s approach to tell this story was unique and fresh, since she starts the story by basically showing the reader the letters between these two characters, which I enjoyed reading. But what happened next, and I don’t know, if this is this authors debut book, was that the story abruptly changed course. One minute these two characters are writing these letters, having obviously never met in person before and the next they both fell in love with each other. That emotion came, at least to me, completely out of the blue. It went from zero to hundred in a flash. And that’s why I think that the author could’ve spent more time building up the emotions and the story, so that when they did happened they would be believable. The same with the rest of the plot in the sense that the flow of the story could’ve been more controlled and not cut from one scene to the next. That being said, it’s not a bad story, it’s quite sweet actually and while I did enjoy reading about the characters journey, it’s just not that greatly executed. I wished there could’ve been less day to day showing and more focus on the potential that this story had to show.
So all in all, did I love the story? Not really but I would still recommend it to others since they might enjoy it more than me. For me this one was sadly just not my cut of tea.

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