I Love Happy Cats: Guide for a Happy Cat by Anneleen Bru – ARC review

People have been under the spell of the mysterious and elegant nature of the cat for thousands of years. They are one of our oldest animal companions and have been much-loved family members in households around the globe for generations. But have you ever felt that despite your good intentions and love, there are some things about your cat you don’t quite understand? Do you sometimes feel like it might be trying to tell you something? That you could make them even happier than they already are? This book will change everything you once thought you knew about cats. You can use its many tips and insights to optimize your relationship with your cat. In this book, you will be taken on an intimate journey through the world of the domestic cat, covering all their natural instincts and mysterious behaviors. The tips and tricks are the outcome of hundreds of behavioral consultations. Your relationship with your cat will never be the same.

Expected publication: September 28th 2019 by Schiffer Publishing

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my review

I love happy catsI love happy cats by Anneleen Bru
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was a fun read and since I’m a huge cat lover myself I faund this book quite informative. The author got a lot of things right, like their instincts and their body language but some explanations about why the cat does what she does were a miss for me. I’ve always owned multiple cats since my childhood and by now I know that sometimes the approach shown in this book is not the best way to go at the problem. Sometimes you just have to let the cats do their own thing and sometimes you have to make them see your way. I now own five cats and I have trained them pretty well by now, so I think I must be doing something right. That being said, I did love how this book was designed, with the cute phrases and cat pictures. Those were really a treat during the read. All in all, this is a nice and quick read that many, especially cat lovers will enjoy.

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