Otto the Otter’s Muddy Puddle (The Rubbish Rebellion Book 2) by Chez Rafter, Daniela Frongia (Illustrator) – ARC review

Otto the otter is in trouble.
His pond is a mess and a muddle
From the trash of tourists who are less than subtle.
To save his home he needs some muscle.
Can Otto rescue his friends and together clean up this muddy puddle?


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Otto the Otter's Muddy Puddle (The Rubbish Rebellion Book 2)Otto the Otter’s Muddy Puddle by Chez Rafter
My rating: 3,5 of 5 stars


When I first saw the cover and the blurb for this story I knew I had to read it. The illustrations are so cute and lovely that they make the story a bit more fun to read, since the story itself is about pullution awareness. I’m so glad the author chose to write this story, since pollution really is a global problem. And I think that the author also chose a smart way to explain this problem to the young generations. I mean, who doesn’t like to read about cute animals and how they make our planet better.
That being said, I’ve recently reviewed another children’s book and I found the writing style in the previous story a bit better, in regards to the rimes and content of the story, therefore I couldn’t give this book a higher rating. That’s just my personal preference and I’m sure many would disagree with me on that perspective. Especially kids, since they probably wouldn’t even care about things such as this. As long as they like the story, that’s in the end really all that matters.

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