Fighting Blind by E. Marie Review

“Answer my question,” the mystery man growled but I simply continued to ignore him. Following where the powerful presence was coming from, I stopped when he was right in front of me. Reaching out, I felt my hand touch a prickly cheek. What I wasn’t expecting was the sudden explosion of colors and electricity zip through me. Gasping I pulled back but a large calloused hand gripped mine in a tight hold.

The one word that I never dreamed of ever hearing was suddenly spoken.



Kei Valancia, a blind young werewolf, has traveled all over and has visited hundreds of weak packs to train them and leaving behind the best fighters in the world. Yet, Kei hides a secret that nobody knows.

Ryker Dare, Alpha King, has lived many years, seen many wars, and has spilled much blood by his own hands. So it’s no surprise that he has given up on ever finding his mate.

So, what happens when Ryker runs into Kei while visiting a neighboring pack?

Read to find out.

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Fighting BlindFighting Blind by E. Marie
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I don’t know what’s going on with me lately but I became really picky with my books and since reading Nalini Singh, Darynda Jones, Suzanne Wright, Ilona Andrews and so many more amazing PNR authors I have high standards. So sadly this book is a disappointment for me. At first it looked quite good and the plot was interesting but all the smirking and being overly badass became at some point plain boring and the story couldn’t keep my attention. I like strong heroines and equally strong heroes but with this story I didn’t feel that. It was more like the heroine was the alpha and pushed the hero into being her beta. And that’s not how a good relationship looks like. It’s all about respect and trust and I didn’t get that feel from their relationship. I get that both have their past and the heroines especially wasn’t a pretty one but for me it was too much, her constantly trying to prove dominance, even though she was indeed stronger than him. Because of that I couldn’t finish reading the story. For those who don’t have that problem, this book is not bad. So, if you like the blurb, read the story.

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