ARC Review for Thunder Moon (The Lavelle Trilogy #1) by Joanne Mallory

Thea Lavelle has a lot to juggle: a teaching career that is ramping up, keeping tabs on her globetrotting family and fine tuning her craft.

Thea is a hereditary witch whose gift came late. She’s still learning exactly what her wayward magic can do, but on meeting Marc, her best friend’s brother, she soon discovers her magic has some firm ideas about it wants.

The fates have been pushing Marc back home, to the bay of his teenage years. He knows that grief and guilt have left him burnt out, and that his family’s particular skill with healing is the best place for him.

He’d left home not knowing what he was searching for. Could it be that she’d been in Langston Bay all along?

Thunder Moon is the first novella in a trilogy of love, family and age-old magic.


my review

Thunder Moon by Joanne Mallory
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

Well…to be honest I expected more from the story. I know, it’s super short but I think that’s what the problem was. There are too many details in it that are simply not needed and those that are needed aren’t there. I just didn’t connect to the characters and the first half of the book was really hard to get into. The second half was a bit better. It’s a love story with fantasy elements, such as ghosts and witches. When I saw the blurb I thought I’d really enjoy the plot but in truth the plot has so much unused potential. Had the book been maybe 100 pages longer, then this story would have made more sense and I would’ve probably enjoyed it properly.
That’s just my opinion and I’m sure not all will agree with it. If you like the story, then I’m happy for ‘ya. 🙂

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