The Green Umbrella by Jackie Azúa Kramer (Author), Maral Sassouni (illustrator)

When Elephant takes a peaceful walk with his green umbrella he’s interrupted by a hedgehog, cat, bear, and rabbit—each claiming that they’ve had exciting adventures with his umbrella. After all, it is an umbrella, and it certainly hasn’t been on any adventures more exciting than a walk in the rain. Or has it?


my review

The Green UmbrellaThe Green Umbrella by Jackie Azúa Kramer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story is so amazingly sweet. It’s a perfect story about a jorney of friendship, how it forms, how you can meet many people with just a hint of kindness and above all it’s a story that will make you feel really good. I’m so glad I got the chance to read it, otherwise I’d be really missing out. Also the writing is really simple and easy for kids to read and understand what the story is all about. At the same time it’s also really beautiful, which I appreciated a lot as a grown up reader. As said, the writed did a fantastic job with the whole story. But we can’t forget about the fascinating and refreshing illustrations by Maral Sassouni. They made me smile and I think the kids will love them. They are not perfect but I think that’s exactly what makes them so good, since kids don’t expect perfect illustrations, they expect illustrations that some of them (who have the gift of making art at such an early stage) can also draw themselves and they relate more to them because of that.
And let’s not forget that this is their debut work! Yes, debut! They both made such a wonderful job with this story and I’m sure I’ll enjoy more reads from them in the future.

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