My Dream Crate by Loot Crate

I was contacted by one of Loot Crate representatives where they informed me about this fun project of theirs about fans creating their very own “Dream Crates”. Since this is a project where everyone (yes, you too!) can participate by simply creating their own post on what they would wish to get in a crate, I  of course I had to be part of that. I could chose basically anything I wanted to include in my dream crate, any theme and fan content. So, what do I want in my crate? Well, that’s pretty obvious for those who know me. My theme is Supernatural – the TV series!!! I love Sam and Dean, those two boys sure know how to make my day. I cannot wait for the next episode! I’ve been a fan of this series since the beginning, so it’s been now more than ten years. Man, time moves on so fast. Lots and lots of good memories, that’s for sure! 🙂

For those of you who don’t know much about Loot Crate here is some info that might convince you why it’s a great idea to subscribe to their monthly crates

First off, you have the option to choose one of their many subscriptions, here are just some:

Second, what do you get in a crate? A curated collection of awesome items from the best pop culture franchises delivered to your door every month. The monthly subscription features a new theme every month, so you have the chance to be surprised throughout the whole year! *And not just on Christmas day*.

And if that still doesn’t convince you, then go check out their page for more info and products! You never know what you might find. 🙂

But back to my Dream Crate!

Here is how my dream crate looks like


*I got the pictures for the figure at Funko and the rest at Hot Topic.


I know a lot of you expected to see Sam or Dean’s figure but I really also like Charlie. She’s just so funky and smart and just girl power, you know. For those of you who haven’t watched all the seasons of this TV series, do it now! Charlie’s character will always be one of my favourites for obvious reasons. *so sad what happened to her, sniff*


To be honest, I never read one of their books. I know, shame on me! But truly, I’m super interested in the plot and the new journey. Books have so much more detail and you can really live yourself into it. I’m a huge book lover, so getting a book in my crate is a must!





And for the end, you always want something you don’t really need but when you see it, you simply have to have it. And that then becomes the cherry on top of the cake. That’s how I feel about the awesome Supernatural buttons. They are fun and easy to take with you everywhere you go. A constand reminder of your favourite series.

That’s called fan love, y’all! 🙂



Also, the T-Shirt! What a perfect quote for the Winchester boys! I think that sums up their life and journey. They will always hunt and protect others and that’s why we adore and love them so much. At least that’s my reason for watching the series.




And that’s how my Dream Crate looks like. I’m so thankful to Loot Crate for giving me this chance to be a part of something amazing.

Let me know in the comments below about how would your Dream Crate look like. Remember, it can be anything you want! 🙂

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