ARC review for Disney Manga Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas by Jun Asuka

Manga publishing pioneer TOKYOPOP brings you a special edition gorgeous hardcover manga based on the classic Halloween masterpiece Disney Tim Burton s Nightmare Before Christmas. A must-have for manga fans, Tim Burton fans, and Halloween fans alike!! Collect this horrifying masterpiece!”


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my review

Disney Manga Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas by Jun Asuka
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

ARC received in exchage for an honest review.

Nightmare Before Christmas in my all time favourite Halloween movie and I trully believe it will stay that way for a very very long time. And since it’s my favourite and most watched Halloween movie I am very critical about this manga. I’m also a huge manga lover and I’ve probably read more than thousand (yes, it’s quite easy to get that number) mangas and manhwas and so on, so I do know what to expect and what’s good and what’s not. And in this manga there were some things that really bothered me. I don’t know if I got the file that was somehow wrongly put together or what but this story just didn’t make sense to me. There was so much left out and where the hell is the beginning? Also, when going from present to past, you really have to make that clear. Do it with italic text and above all stay in that format until you return to the present. I don’t care if you have a song in that context also, stay in a different format than if you write the present. Otherwise it gets for those readers that have no idea of this story too confusing. The artwork could also be more generous with black ink, especially the background (trees and so on).
But other than that it was OK. I love how the characters look, so that’s definitely a plus.

I know some might not agree with me but I love this story a lot and I’m picky. That’s all…

5 thoughts on “ARC review for Disney Manga Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas by Jun Asuka

  1. TeacherofYA says:

    No, I think you’re justified in your review. If the book doesn’t live up to the movie, then what’s the point? I happen to agree with you: the book sounds like it’s missing some critical pieces. A shame.

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