Review for Wild by Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur

In Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Eve Langlais, Broderick has a job to do—audit the books of a gentleman’s club. Sounds simple, except his company wants him to find dirt linking to the mob, his secret mob employer wants someone to pin the blame on, and the bar manager at the heart of the controversy doesn’t want him—even though she’s his mate.

In Wild Passions by Kate Douglas, six women—friends closer than sisters—head off to an exclusive mountain resort for a week-long bachelorette getaway, where most of the women just wants to know if there are any good men left in the world. There are, and they’re the men of Feral Passions, a unique resort located on a private wolf preserve, owned and run by a pack of sexy werewolves who use it as their own personal hunting ground for mates.

In Her Perfect Mates by A.C. Arthur, Malec Zenta was part of a loving lycan family until his twin brother’s suicide took a piece of his soul. Channing Verdi never knew his parents, but that was fine because at the age of sixteen on the night of the full moon, he realized his purpose. The only pleasure these two betas have managed to find in their life was in the bed with the women they shared. Now, a human woman has entered their lives…a woman who sets their primal instincts on fire, a woman they can’t help but stake their claim on…and give her the ultimate pleasure of being with two shifters at once.


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my review

Rating for all stories: 4 STARS

Catch a Tiger by the Tail by Eve Langlais

Wow, what a cute and funny story. I really enjoyed reading about all the characters and the plot. To say that I loved Broderick would be an understatement. He’s just so, I don’t know, alpha but at the same time such a sweetheart who cares so much for his mate. His POV is just a joy to read. Now, as for Lulu, I didn’t like her as much as I wanted to. She just seemed a bit too aloft and cold towards Brody and I felt like he deserved more from her. We get to see ho much he cares for her and what he does for her but we don’t get to see her doing all that. I felt like she should have definitely shown her liking for him more and also at the end, she kinda goes from agains being with him to ujst accepting it. It all happened to quick for me to truly believe it. Other than that, the story is really great and I would recommend it.

Wild Passions by Kate Douglas

I really liked this one. It’s fun, sweet, sexy and the plot makes you feel happy that you’ve read the story. It’s not too serious, despite the small angst that comes from the bride-to-be. The first chapter made me laught so hard. I have to say, the warewolfs are quite creative in their way of finding mates. The only thing that did make it a bit difficult to read, for me personally, was that there were almost too many characters. As the blurb says there are six women looking for the week of their life with lots of fun. And add to that number seven guys, six guys from the Feral Passions mountain resort and one fiancé, well…it kinda gets crowded real fast. I have huge trouble with remembering names, so that made the read more of a chalange. That being said, I still enjoyed it and loved the ending. I’m really curious about the alpha’s story. He seems like a great character and an amazing leader, so I do wish for him to find his HEA.

Her Perfect Mates by A.C. Arthur

If I’m honest, I almost liked this story better than the first one. It wasn’t so light-harted and that made me connect with the plot more. There is definitely more action, mystery and angst in it, also the sex scenes were scorching hot! I mean, who doesn’t want not one, but to guys practically just begging to spend the night with you, right?

Yes, there was some back and forth but with all the killings (of animals) and the fear of history repeating itself, I think that that made the story even more interesting. I loved the heroine, she knew what she wanted but was also smart enough to consider all her options before making the next step, one that could cost her everything she worked so hard to achieve. And as for Malec and Channing, they made a great pair and to be clear, nothing sexual happens between them, they just like to share their women. It took a while for Malec to confront and get over his demons from his past but in the end he really won my heart. Channing was the charmer and knew how to fix things, so he definitely scored some points in my book, too. All in all, I liked the dynamic of the plot and how it all turned out.

To sum up, both stories make a great read. If you want something ligt and fun, then I recommend you read Wild Passions. But if you want something more action packed, then Her Perfect Mates are the read you’re looking for. Both have lots of hot scenes and great characters but in the end it really comes down to your personal preference as to what you’d enjoy reading more. I enjoyed both, so I definitely recommend both!

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