ARC review for Breaking Him by Sherilee Gray

Breaking HimFolks in town call him a monster—say he’s dangerous. But I know him simply as Elijah Hays, the quiet, gentle giant who works with the horses on my ranch. I can feel him watching me, that steady intense gaze making me crave things I don’t quite understand, burn in a way that frightens me. He’s always kept his distance…until that night.

I remember him coming to my rescue, me following him into the barn, giving him his first taste of a woman, and his inexperienced yet barely reined touch turning me to ash.

Now all I can think about is exposing the dark desire I see deep inside him—having him turn those dark desires on me. That low, gritty voice rasping orders in my ear. Those huge, rough hands holding me down when a storm blows in.

I want his surrender. His control. I want to break him…and have him break me…


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my review

Breaking Him by Sherilee Gray
My rating: 3,5 of 5 stars

ARC received in exchange for on honest review.

Hmm, this book started off as a strong one. But you know what my problem was near the end? Too much sex. Yes, I can’t believe I said it but I said it. At the beginning we get a near rape scene where Elijah or as Abigail likes to call him, Eli saves her from the towns jerk. Eli and her have been stealing glances at each other here and there, but after that event Abigail has enough and on thing leats to another and she starts to see Eli in a whole new light. The same with Eli, till this moment all he had were dreams and imaginations of how it could be between them but now there is a real chance of something more and neither of them wants to get in the way of that. But of course, nothing goes as planned, especially since Eli has a horrible past that the towns people won’t ever let him forget. And with that, all spotlight is on them. All the gossip, all the mistrust and all the insecurity just might tear them apart, even before they actually started. But as if that’s not bad enough, Abigail’s farm has some financial problems due the drough and the rain just won’t come. So you could say these two have their plates full.

I have to say that I really enjoyed these two characters. They have personality and while I wished for Eli’s POV, I get that that would take away the mistery that’s Elijah Hays. Both do some stupid things but they also learn from them and that’s what counts the most at the end, right? I really liked how protective both were of each other and that they didn’t hide their feelings. They made the best that they could out of a bad situation and somehow it worked for them.
Now, unfortunatelly there were also some thing that bothered me. Like, the towns people. They knew what was going on with Eli when he was small and after he did what he did, they still judged him for no right reason. I was so mad reading about that. And the other reason why I couldn’t enjoy the book fully is that near the end almost all pages were just sex. I get that the author wanted to evolve their relationship but there has to also be something that holds the plot together and lets the story breathe. I felt like all the sex scenes were unnecessary and some of them could be easily be left out.

All in all, this is not a bad book and while it’s not perfect it’s still an enjoyable quick read. So, go for it!

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