Review for Deeper (The Deeper Chronicles #1) by Allyn Lesley

Deeper (The Deeper Chronicles #1)Misled by the one she trusted the most…
With one standard traffic stop, everything Avianna Linton knew was shattered. Suddenly, her life wasn’t what she thought. Hoping for anonymity and a new life, Avi flees to the bright lights of New York City, ready to start over.

Broken by a past he can’t escape…
Rising from nothing on his own, Noah Adams grasps to power with bone-crushing grip, refusing to let anyone control him. The only person to ever dare to question his authority is her. And he can’t handle it.

Connected by more than their disdain for one another…
Avi can barely hide her contempt for him. Noah struggles to control himself in her presence. Their attraction is undeniable, but impractical. They make no sense. But the closer they get, the deeper they fall.

Title: Deeper
Author & Publisher: Allyn Lesley
Publication date: 04/21/2015
Series: The Deeper Chronicles , #1

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my review

Deeper (The Deeper Chronicles #1)Deeper by Allyn Lesley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

To sum up this book in one word: interesting! Definitely very interesting, at least to me. The plot has many things going on at the same time and there is a fair share of action going on but all that also doesn’t overshadow the romance aspect of the story, so I liked that very much. For me, the best past was the deceit and how the power play took it’s course. There were so many intriguing parts to this story, so there wasn’t one boring moment! I loved the plot twists, some I did see coming and some I didn’t but that’s how a book should be done. If you guess everything, where then the fun, right?
Also, the characters were all so very different but all so new and refreshing and just a joy to read about. Noah was my favourite and I don’t know what is it about him. He can be dominant, sexy, playful, woundable but also very cold and cruel. For me the was just in between good and bad and I guess that’s what attracted me to his personality. As for Avi, I’m still not sure how I feel about her. She’s smart, loyal and careful but sometimes I felt like she didn’t know how to simply let go of herself and live a little. But since thins book is so intense, there weren’t really that many scenes where she could be all that. Also, I don’t know what happened to Sofie at the end of the story. I felt like she just vanished from the book. I think someone forgot to include her more into the story…

Anyway, to keep things short, I’d recommend this book to any action/romance lover. This book did not disappoint!

ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

The Deeper Chronicles


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