Review: Scales of Glass (The Winged Dragons Book 1) by C.S. Love


ROMANCE: Scales of Glass BBW Dragon Shifter Paranormal Romance (The Winged Dragons Book 1)


After the wars, humans are all but extinct.

Aelynara is a half-human warrior, with a weakness for old human literature. There is precious little of it left, but she hoards it, yearning for new books. She needs them as much as she needs air or water. But then she meets something much more important…

His race was decimated too, but by a much smaller invader. A virus. It killed almost all of their females, leaving most of the dragon males bereft and worthless. In a desperate attempt to repopulate their species, the remaining males have left their home planet, visiting alien species after alien species, testing to see if any are compatible for breeding. They were unsuccessful until they reached Earth.

The dragons know they can never find a true soulmate in this world; humans didn’t Bond as the dragons did. No, there would be no kindling of spirits and merging of souls. But they would survive.

But then suddenly, a true Bond happens. Between a half-human female and a dragon. And their worlds will never be the same…

For fans of Milly Taiden and T.S. Joyce stories!

Each book in the The Winged Dragons series can be read as astandaloneand has aguaranteed HEA, no cliffhanger!

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My rating: 3 and half of 5 stars

ARC kindle provided in exchange for an honest review.

I was super happy when I got the chance to read the story from this author. I usually always look at the cover first and this one is not bad, nope not bad at all. So of course I was going to read the story. It seems that this is a series of super short stories (50 or less pages) that has in interesting plot. The first book is done well and has a lot of potential for the rest of the series. I wished it was a bit longer but oh well. I love to read about sci-fi/ fantasy/PNR/romance all mixed into one story. Also, having a badass heroine and a alien/dragon/warrior to adore her is just a cherry on top. I admit, at first I was a bit sceptical about the plot but I really came to like the world the author build up. It almost has a dystopian vibe, since the world we know is completelly gone and now only the toughest survive. When it comes to the romance, there was at first a bit of push-pull play but since it’s such a short story it didn’t last long. I wonder what comes next for Aelynara and her dragon.

As the author already mentions, fans of Milly Taiden and T.S. Joyce will definitely love this series! 🙂

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