Release day blitz: Suzanne Wright – Savage Urges (The Phoenix Pack #5)

Savage Urges (The Phoenix Pack #5) is live!!!



She’s a lone wolf with a cause.

As a volunteer at a shelter for lone shifters—the same one that rescued her—Makenna Wray has dedicated her life to finding homes for its residents. And when she discovers that a teen in her care is related to Ryan Conner, the broody, handsome-as-sin enforcer of the Phoenix Pack, she’s eager to help connect the two. She just wasn’t prepared to feel a connection of her own.

Lone wolves are loners for a reason—and most of them bad. Or so Ryan assumes until he meets the mysterious Makenna. Quirky and sensual, she seems to enjoy riling him, especially when she refuses to discuss her past. Although there is no mating bond, he’s sure she’s the one. All he has to do is be patient and wait. But when another pack’s sinister Alpha comes sniffing around, threatening Makenna and her shelter, this enforcer is ready to let his wolf off the leash…

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My Review


Yeeees! I love it!!!! Gosh, Suzanne Wright really knows how to get me going. I love her books and Savage Urges did not disappoint, not in the least! I know that she’s kinda famous for including OW drama in her books BUT this time there wasn’t even a hint of it there! No kidding! And get that, there was no OM drama, either!!! Like, whaaat???


So it’s quite safe to say why I loved this story so much. Of course, the super sexy and possessive aplha Ryan was a great bonus, too. I mean, who wouldn’t like that, right? Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that THE STORY IS FREAKING AWESOME! I simply couldn’t put it down. I knew that I had to go to sleep eventually but seriously folks, sleep is so overrated. Everytime I said to myself “nah, just one more chapter” that always turned out to be a lie. In the end I just gave up and read the whole book.


Both Makenna and Ryan are amazing characters. They are super protective of those they love and would do anything to keep them safe, killing not excluded. But that protectiveness was also Makenna’s biggest weakness. She always put others needs before her own and therefore her life was basically oriented to ‘serve’ others. I get why she did that, since her past shaped who she became. She helped so many and I was so glad to see that by helping Zac, Ryan’s blood relative, she also found her place and new people who loved her fiercely.

Once, Ryan could have also described his wolf as relatively placid. But after being held captive and tortured by a rival pack many years ago, his wolf had changed. He’d become harder, defensive, and more withdrawn than ever. One thing had never changed: when the wolf wanted something, he wanted it there and then. He demanded it. And at that moment, he was demanding this female.

I loved Ryan! He was this brooding, deadly character that turned into a marshmallow when it came to kids and eventually also Makenna. To others he’s always been emotionally distant and never let anyone inside, because of what happened to him in the past. Thankfully Makenna changed all that. With her sassy attitude and quirky personality she got under his skin. Their reasoning with each other was so much fun to read about, simply hilarious.

“I’ll come with you.”
Makenna blinked. “You heard what I just said, right? That I was going shopping?”
“Whatever. It’s clear that you can’t be helped. Now, are you positive that you want to come along? Because you will be bored, and you will become exasperated, and you will want to cry.
“I want to go with you.”
“All right, but don’t say you weren’t warned.”
Four hours later, Ryan was fast losing the will to live.

They made an amazing team and with the danger they and the shelter were facing they better had each others backs. Remy was definitely a plague. But in the end he got what he deserved and I couldn’t be more happy about it! Now the only thing Ryan and Makenna had to sort out was their attraction to each other and what it all ment for them. Were they mates, were they not, would they imprint on each other or not… The only way you will find the answers to these questions is to read the book.

As said so many times already, I really enjoy this book and I definitely recommend it!!!

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Read Excerpt

Read on for a peek at Chapter Two of Savage Urges…

 Stalking people was so boring.

At least the view was attractive. Smoky black eyes, a strong jaw, broad shoulders, and impressive abs that she could see right through his dark-gray tee. The angles of his face were hard, rough, and dangerous, matching his menacing frown. He was incredibly hot, if you liked the broody, rugged type, which Makenna totally did. Especially when that male exuded strength and confidence with every step he took.

Ryan Conner.

Whenever she found potential guardians for loners, she researched them, scouting the Internet for information and asking questions of her many sources. The guy was a respected enforcer within a powerful pack and was well known for being a seriously talented tracker. All good things. He’d been described as stoic, dauntless, cold. But Makenna often had feelings about people—she was good at reading them, good at seeing past masks and shields—and she had a very good feeling about Ryan Conner.

Since she had more chance of talking with him in a public place than being permitted on his territory, she’d followed his Chevy to a small line of stores in town. And now, parked at the far side of the lot, she watched impatiently as he stood by his car talking on his cell phone. Her plan was pretty simple: the moment he put away his cell, she’d approach him, introduce herself, explain the issue, and . . . and now he was walking away.

She grimaced as he disappeared down an alley, out of sight. Crap. Could nothing be simple anymore?

Hopping out of her Mustang, Makenna crossed the lot, traced the path he’d taken, walked into the alley, and—

Where the fuck had he gone?

She moved a little farther into the alley, stepping into the shadows. It was empty. Well, that was totally shit. Now she’d have to—

A large, warm, calloused hand suddenly curled around her throat from behind as a solid body propelled her forward, caging her against the brick wall; the rough surface grazed her palms.

A hot mouth was then at her ear. “Why are you following me?” It was a menacing rumble.

And just like that, at the feel of his breath against her ear and the sound of that gravelly voice, lust slammed into her. The reaction was instant, elemental, and totally unwanted. Sometimes being a naturally sexual creature was very inconvenient. “You know, there aren’t many people who can creep up on me. You’re good.” He hadn’t made a single sound. Makenna was good at stealth, but not that good.

For a moment, he didn’t respond, and she had the feeling she’d surprised him. He grunted, “Answer my question.”

Did he think that gruff tone would scare her? It probably should. Especially since she had well over six feet of untamed power practically curled around her from behind. With her slim build fitting into the groove between his broad shoulders and her head resting just beneath his chin, she felt totally surrounded.

Her wolf should have felt threatened. She didn’t though as she was a little distracted by the dark animal energy that hummed beneath his skin and his delicious scent: rich hazelnut, smoky sandalwood, and a dark sexuality. Makenna could admit it was rather distracting. “Sure thing. But I’ll need you to release me first.” In truth, she could easily escape his hold. But it would serve her best to let him believe she was helpless.

“I’ll release you when you answer me.”

“I just need to talk to you.”

“So talk.” His thumb circled her throat in a movement that was surprisingly arousing.

“Look, I’m on a bit of a schedule here—”

“Who sent you? What pack are you from?”

If she revealed she was a lone wolf this early in the conversation, she’d most likely be sent on her way. “Nobody sent me. I just need to speak with you.”

A pause. “You have five minutes.”

“I’m gonna need at least ten.”

“I mean you have five minutes to convince me not to snap this pretty little neck.” He punctuated that with a flex of his grip.

She sensed that he wasn’t kidding. Well, of course he wasn’t. She was a perfect stranger, she’d been following him, and he had all the instincts of an enforcer. A threat to an enforcer was a threat to their pack. As such, they would never hesitate in eliminating one. “Hey, if you really want me to walk away, fine. But then you’ll never know what was so important to make me trail you like this.”

He grunted. It was a sound that said, “So?”

“Damian Lewis was your cousin. Correct?” He didn’t respond, but she knew she was right. “As I’m sure you know, he died six years ago. His mate died shortly after, unable to survive the breaking of the mating bond, leaving their son to the care of their pack.” She licked her lips. “Zac left his pack six months ago, and he point-blank refuses to return. He’s been staying at a shelter for loners for the past four months.” Ryan still said nothing. “Are you going to let go of me now?”

“No.” He circled his thumb over her throat again, increasing the buzz of arousal beneath her skin. “What does this have to do with you? Are you from his pack?”

“No, I’m a volunteer at the shelter.”

He growled, “You’re a loner?”

As his grip tightened—not enough to hurt but enough to reassert his dominance—Makenna sighed. “Okay, I get it. You’re a big, bad, scary wolf, and your proverbial dick is bigger than mine. I’m officially intimidated.”



His mouth moved even closer to her ear, until he was almost nibbling on her lobe. “That’s a lie. I don’t like it when people lie to me. Don’t do it again.”

 © Suzanne Wright

About Suzanne Wright

Suzanne Wright

Suzanne Wright lives in England with her husband, two children, and her bulldog. When she’s not spending time with her family, she’s writing, reading, or doing her version of housework – sweeping the house with a look.

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