This is Love, Baby (War & Peace, #2) by K. Webster


First off, I love this series so much that I simply had to buy the paperback version immediately! Second off, you remember the crazy cliffhanger from the first book? Yeah, wait till you read the ending of this one. It’s like the mother of all cliffhangers (it’s not a real cliffy but when you’ll read it, you’ll get what I mean)! Seriously, how could Webster do that to us?!!! It’s super mean but at the same time just brilliant. If there is to be another book in this series, it’s a must read for me, that’s for sure!


Now, the author made it super difficult with her blurb to not give away any spoilers but I’ll try. So, please, bare with me.

So, what do we know from book one? We know that Baylee went through hell at the hands of Gabe, the evil socyopath that trains and sells sex slaves but is also in his own insane way in love with Baylee (but don’t worry, he still sells her and then gets her back). We also know that at the beginning of the first book Baylee has a sweet boyfriend, Brandon, who we meet only in the prologue. Then of course there is Warren aka War. The sweet and broken angel who needs Bay to help him heal and function in this dark world of his but in turn he also saves and helps heal Bay from the evil she endured with Gabe.

Now I understand how one could die of a broken heart. It’s happening to me. I’m drowning in despair.
The devil slayed my heart when he killed my War.
And now I’m back. With him. Gabe, the monster who haunts my nightmares.


Yes, you read that right. Our poor Baylee is again in the devils clutches…
You can imagine what she’s going through again, if you’ve read the first book. All I will say about Gabe is that he trully is the devil and we all know the devil cannot be killed by a mortal’s hand. When you read the book, you’ll do well to remember that!

I’m no longer the docile child he once knew. The frightened animal he thinks he so easily trained and subdued.
I’ll make his life a living hell.
It’s only fair since that’s what he’s done to mine.


Also, remember when I said that Bay had a sweet boyfriend, Brandon? Yeah, he plays a big role in this story but probably not in a role you’d expect him to. The sweet boy ain’t so sweet anymore, also not as sane anymore. But what, if the sweet boy was never so good and sane in the first place…

This isn’t the boy who I cried for when Gabe took me.
Gone is the boy from my past.
This man is a product of Gabe’s actions.
Gabe created the monster before me.


Baylee’s live is not her own anymore and she has to figure out her next move in the game of chess. There can only be one winner and as she goes from one monster to another, she intents to be the one who wins it all.

These two men think they have a right to me and my body. But only one person truly owns me, and it’s my heart he owns. That man is honest and pure and wholesome. Deserving.
It’s time to end this war, for my War.
Time to show them I’m not a pawn. I’m the motherfucking queen.
This is war, baby. And I will win.
Death is the only probable sentence.


I’m not gonna say squat about War. I’ll leave that to your own imagination. All I will say tho, is that Baylee’s story will blow your mind! The plot it just amazing and the twists are perfectly placed. Your emotions will be all over the place and believe, you will love it! If you haven’t read the story yet, then do it NOW!!! It will not disappoint!



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