Possession by Violetta Rand


OK, I have a confession to make.


After reading some reviews before I actually started this book, my thoughts were “hmmm, not sure I’m gonna like this story.” And after reading a few chapters I feared that this story might not be as enjoyable as I first thought. BUT after the first 50 pages or so it started to get better and by the end I was quite pleased with how the story turned out.

I liked the plot and characters, well, aside from one but when you read the book you’ll be the same opinion as me, trust me. Anyway, what I found fascinating is how the author put together two main characters that couldn’t be more different, even if they tried it. One is a member of an 1% MC club and the other is a successful attorney. If nothing else, the author would defninitely have me at that and I would read the story just out of my curiosity. But of course the story is about so much more than that.


Tina and Vincent have been playing this cat and mouse game for almost over a year and everytime things get heated, it’s not Tina that pulls away, not even close. It’s Vincent and his reasoning is, how do I put this nicely, hmm, nope can’t do it. Simply said his reasoning is cowardly. There, I said it. But it’s the truth! Just because he got hurt by his past two serious (like marriage serious) relationships, that doesn’t mean he can never love again. Why deny his happiness when he did nothing wrong. He’s just punishing himself and for no good reason! Thankfully Tina knows how to crack him, after all, she is one heck of an attorney and winning is her freaking middle name!


And that’s exactly what she does! I loved her character, she’s sassy, feisty and knows what she wants. Unfortunately her awesome personality attracts also some unwanted attention from one of her clients and things then quickly take a more stalkerish turn. But Vincent knows how to keep her safe, even if he has to cross a few lines. All I can say is, the end results was defnitely worth it!

Would I recommend Possession? Yes, I would. It’s a story you can read in just one sitting and since it has romance mixed with action, I’m sure you won’t be bored with the plot. Happy reading!

ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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