Enemy Mine by Katie Reus


Well, this one was definitely fun to read. It’s a really short story but still very enjoyable. You get romance, action, attempted kidnapping and even some sexy alpha time. Of course, since the author is Katie Reus the story is bound to be good. And it really is!


Who would’t love a forbidden love story, right? It all started over a century ago, when Kiernan and Melina’s family went at each others throats (quite literally) because of what Kiernan’s brother did. Don’t worry, I’m absolutely letting you wonder what that was. You wanna know, read the book!


Anyway, that feud does in no way stop Kiernan and Melina from falling in lust with each other that then lead to some good all night workout, if you get what I’m saying. But that all happened a year ago and now Kiernan simply can’t get enough of his feisty werewolf. He basically becomes her personal stalker. But not in a creepy way, I would say that Melina finds it more annoying than anything else.

It didn’t seem to mattter to him that they were natural born enemies; he was damn persistent. The man was a menace to her sanity.

In the end he does wear her down and she accepts to go on a date with him. But as usual, things don’t go as planned. Some misunderstanding, some mistrust, then there is an attempted kidnapping and we can’t forget her overprotective family. Seriously, what don’t we do in the name of family love, right? Let’s just say I’m really happy I don’t have brothers like hers. They would drive me crazy, that’s for sure!


As I already said, reading about those two was really funny. They were almost like an old married couple with the way they bickered. Both had to make some tough decisions that would effect not only them, but also their families. In the end I even came to like their crazy family.
Enemy Mine is a great story that can be read between a small break, since it’s so short. I definitely recommend!


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