Edge of Temptation by Megan Crane

Me while reading the story

I loved the first story, so when I got the chance to read the second one I was super happy about it. And let me tell you, I don’t regret reading it one bit. This story’s plot is definitely something else. You got this dystopian setting where men (again) rule the world and take what they want, that of course includes women. A lot of them… Some see them as a sign of power, some for breeding, some for pleasure and some might even find love in this harsh world they live in. Edge of Temptation is quite an intriguing story that will push your limits (as a woman for sure) of comfort and morals.

Cities fell. Seas rose. People died.
Harsh times bred hard men.
And they took women. Women to make the sharp, cruel edges of their hard world that little bit more bearable. Some, it turned out, more than others.

If you’ve read the first story in this series then you already know that Gunnar lost his mate a year ago and completely lost himself in his grief. And when he returned to his clan, not quite willingly might I add, he then brough with him a young woman. But what we didn’t get from the first story is that the things he did had always a greater purpose, an obsession to bring back his long lost mate no matter the cost or sacrifice.

This man was mayhem and madness packed into that hard, lethal body like a promise.
This man was what nightmares looked like and he was looking straight at her. Maud should have run.


And what better sacrifice than a willing virgin, a novice in training to become a nun. A woman who was trained to be submissive and good in obeying orders. Only Maud wasn’t just a submissive young woman, she was a submissive with her own mind and will, a woman who wanted the full experience right down to the dirty sex that Gunnar just oozed of him.

Maybe the problem was she’d spent far too much time pretending she could be something else when she couldn’t.
Surrender, a voice inside her whispered. It will set you free.
And for the first time in her life Maud went down on her knees of her own volition, out of desire and longing instead of fear of consequences or a sense of duty, then knelt before her dark, commanding raider right there on the red desert floor.


I’m not gonna give away much of the story but I will say this, Gunnar and Maud sure make an interesting and unique couple. Not that kind of a couple you would expect, so their developing relationship kept my attention and I really wanted to know how their journey would end. The most fun I had was reading about Gunnar’s inner conflict, honor his vows to his dead mate or be selfish and give in to what completes him in every way. I admit, he was a real jerk when he wanted to be but his POV saved him many times from getting on my bad side. The same with Maud. On the outside she was this timid, shy, obedient woman but her real character was far more complex. She understands human desires and behaviour like no other and can therefore read those around her realy good.

“Show me your obedience,”“and I might show you some mercy. Then again, I might not.” My punishments will leave marks. And I don’t care how much you scream about it. As far as I’m concerned, that is gratitude.
“Don’t worry,” “I’m really, really good at grateful.”
“I’ll remind you that you said that, little nun,” he promised her.


Also, we get to see some characters from the first book and that was enjoyable, too. I wished we got to see more of Tyr and Helena but I’m sure we’ll get more of them in the following books. I can’t wait to read the next couple’s story and their journey.
Edge of Temptation is maybe not everyones pick but it sure as heck is mine. It has action, betrayal, lots of filthy sex scenes and above all, an intriguing plot that kept my attention from start to end.
Defnitely a book I’d recommend. (view spoiler)


ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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